Digital Signage

Full-motion plasma screens deliver powerful visual effects in the most FLEXIBLE and COST EFFECTIVE manner available on-campus.

Full motion capabilities make campaigns engaging, thus attracting the student's attention like no other on-campus media.
Media can be delivered and broadcast at times in the year when other on-campus media is unavailable.
Media can be slotted to run at specific times of the day/week/month with unparalleled flexibility.
Multi-Creative Spots
Advertisers can leverage their library of creative ads to promote several products & services in one single ad buy. Specific creative can be used to address different genders, ethnic backgrounds, languages etc. Click here for sample
Quick turnaround
Whether a new campaign needs to be up within minutes or an existing campaign is in need of urgent modifications, media buyers have the ability to react quickly to adverse business situations.
Geo-sensitive marketing capabilities permit the simultaneous promotion of one product in one region and another on the balance of the network.