Fokus Media increases it's College and University Network digital media offering by 30 new screens across Canada

Jan. 11, 2007

Montreal, Quebec (January 11, 2007) - Fokus Media continues to grow their reach with the 17-26 student crowd by offering 30 new screens across the Canadian College and University network (FCUN). Fokus Media is happy to announce that it will have close to 60 Digital Signage screens for advertisers to communicate directly with this elusive crowd through this state-of-the-art media. “Our philosophy at Fokus is simple; always listen to your clients. Growing the network has been on everyone’s wish list. We have strengthened our reach in Ontario and the Maritimes, adding new important schools such as Dalhousie University, Carlton University, University of Ottawa and Queens University. Two thousand and six was an unbelievable year of growth for Fokus, and 2007 is already showing that it will be even better,” says Gaetano Cardone, CEO of Fokus Media.

With the offering of these new screens, Fokus Media can now provide a larger Digital Media Network to advertisers covering a critical mass across 30 leading Canadian university and college campuses. With one single purchase, advertisers have the utmost flexibility to do real-time changes to campaigns, broadcast location or geographical sensitive campaigns, or simply advertise a multiple of products. Fokus puts the control in the advertisers’ hands, and that is what this new digital technology offers over any other media.

About Fokus Fokus Media is dedicated to delivering specific target audiences to their advertisers with a new approach to advertising. Its flagship product “Nex” is an innovative out-of-home medium that combines static, Internet and digital advertising fused together in one dynamic communication kiosk. Nex is a “firstof- kind” medium that blends the consumer’s need for out-of-home Internet access and the advertiser’s need to reach specific targets with optimal efficiency.

For more information contact:
Domenico Durante
Vice President
Fokus Media Limited